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Ceremony Pricing & Type

A Marriage Blessing

Bless us today,

our wedding day.

Tomorrow, forever,

and in every way.

Grant us patience

for the days ahead.

Ever remind us

the reasons why we wed.

Keep our marriage

ever in your grace.

Grant us

courage, strength, and faith.

Help us remember

the joy of today

And guide us

always on our way.

-Laura Hensley (slight alterations)



Uniquely You ~ $450


We have an initial consultation to meet and discuss your wedding ceremony and planning needs.

This package is for the couple wanting one-on-one help with planning their ceremony and/or for larger, more elaborate weddings with many attendants or special features.
A 1 hour Rehearsal and additional meeting is included, but not required, with this package. 

Ø  Your ceremony can be whatever you have imagined it to be....there are NO rules. 

Ø  We will have one additional planning session several weeks before your celebration to finalize your ceremony. 

Ø  I am available through email or over the telephone for unlimited ceremony planning questions.

Ø  I will provide you with a variety of ceremonies, wedding vows and planning materials once a contract is signed.

Ø  Children, family, friends and/or pets can have incorporated rolls in your ceremony.

Ø  I will provide assistance with creating personalized and heartfelt wedding vows.     

Ø  You can include one or more special feature; a unity candle, water, sand, rose, or hand fasting ceremony. 

Ø  I can assist with incorporating music and/or readings into your ceremony.

Ø  I can guide you in choreographing the processional and with the placement of your attendants.

Ø  You will receive a final draft of your ceremony approx. 2 weeks prior to your wedding for your final approval. 

Ø  I will arrive thirty(30) to forty-five(45) minutes prior to your ceremony to coordinate with your other vendors.

           ~~~Major Holidays (and holiday weekends) ... $500~~~



For the above package: Half of the remaining balance is due 60 days prior to ceremony and the remainder of the balance is due 30 days prior to your ceremony.

A $150.00 retainer is due at time of booking to reserve your date;
this will be applied to your balance.




The simplest of ceremonies: The two of you, two witnesses, up to 10 guests and a basic ceremony, chosen by me. No meetings, No rehearsal, all planning is done through email or over the telephone.
Payment is due before, or at the time of, the ceremony; if payment is made on the day of the ceremony only cash will be accepted. Personal checks wil be accepted up to three weeks before the ceremony. 48 hours notice is required and I will be happy to accommodate you if I have that time available. 

~~~Major Holidays ... $275~~~
Ceremony Arrangement
Many couples love the idea of a close friend or family member performing their ceremony, but don't know where to start when arranging the ceremony.
This package allows us to meet, go through my samples and arrange a ceremony for you.
I will also help run the rehearsal so the family member or friend will be comfortable with their role on the day of your wedding.

Additional information for all Wedding Packages:

Ø  I will travel up to 10 miles from my business, I am happy to travel further, however there is a minimum "one way" mileage fee of $2.00 per mile beyond those 10 miles. (no travel fee for Kitsap County)

Ø  I will be dressed in proper attire (dark suit). 

Ø  I will conduct your ceremony, assist with filling out and filing your marriage license.

Ø  Please note there are additional travel fees for weddings East of the Puget Sound OR weddings that require more than 1hr in travel time.



I prefer to attend your rehearsal and it is included in the Uniquely You and Ceremony Arrangement Packages, however, the rehearsal can be led by the wedding venue staff or a wedding coordinator without the actual Officiant present.  Please let me know if you require my presence.


                            ~ Day-of-Coordinator ~

Let me take the stress off of you (and your family) for the day. I will check-in with your vendors, make sure your ceremony site and reception area are set up according to your design and run your timeline according to our finalized version.

$1,100 ~ up-to 12 hours of service on the day of your wedding; making sure your day runs as smoothly as possibl

$900 - up-to 8 hours of service on the day of your wedding.

**A $450 retainer is required at the time of contract signing.**


Extra meetings or Rehearsals:  $75.00/per hour 

Mileage:  $2.00 per extra mile traveled beyond 10 miles from my business (no fee within Kitsap)
Additional Unity element (Sand, Candle, Water, Wine, etc): $40
Bridal Bouquet Blessing: $50


* Depending on distance traveled I reserve the right to charge extra for my time (to be discussed pre contract signing.)

*I accept personal checks at the contract signing and up-to your 30 day final payment date. Cash or a cashier’s check may be accepted later if other arrangements have been agreed upon. Major Credit Cards are accepted, however I must charge a 6% processing fee.  


   Types of Ceremonies I will perform:

Secular -
of or pertaining to worldly things or to things that are not regarded as religious;
not pertaining to or connected with religion.

Wiccian - joining the five elements, the cardinal points of the compass and invoking Mother Earth ~ each working together in harmony.

  Spiritual- of or pertaining to the spirit as the seat of the moral nature; of or relating to the mind or intellect.

Religious - of, pertaining to, or concerned with religion; to indicate a spirit of reverence toward God.

Nature Based - of or pertaining to the four elements, four directions and Mother Earth (Gaia).





  Commitment Ceremonies


The possibilities are endless!!



            *I am also available for baptisms, baby blessings, memorials and funerals.